Dental Hygiene Students Attend 6th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference

5 years

Rather than enjoying a well-earned weekend break from their regular classes, a group of enthusiastic Level 5 & 7 Dental Hygiene students from HCT-Sharjah Women’s College (SWC) chose to attend the 6th Dental Facial Cosmetic International Conference held at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai on November 15, as part of ‘Dental Hygiene Day’.

Chaired by faculty member Dr Sanoop George, the continuing dental education sessions offered current information about dental specialties that promote professionalism and interpersonal skills in line with current practices.

The students gained an in-depth knowledge of various aspects of dental hygiene by attending the following sessions:

  • Communication and maintenance of dental implant patients
  • Oral hygiene protocols for orthodontic patients
  • Polishing to brighten the smile
  • Teeth whitening from A-Z

A few students from the senior group also attended a hands-on course on periodontal instrumentation, which they found they could apply on patients in the college dental clinic.

Ayesha Rashid from Level 7 said: It was very nice to attend the hands-on course and it felt good when I could apply what I had learned in class in front of a larger, senior crowd of attendees. We were taught that implants are an important part of dentistry”, however it is quite surprising to witness how fast the field of implants and digital dentistry is developing.”

Another student, Mariam said: “It was a novel experience and a pleasure attending these sessions and learning how we could keep abreast of recent advances.”