ADWC Community Service Students Give Back to the Public

4 years

Students at the HCT-Abu Dhabi Women’s College (ADWC) who have recently completed their Community Service Learning course organised an event to present information about their experiences and what they learned.

In doing so the students also raised awareness of the organisations they volunteered for and encouraged others to follow their volunteering efforts.

Students on the Community Service Learning course need to devote 16 hours of their time to a cause, as well as arranging placements and follow-up presentation events; the latter of which represented 20% of their course grade.

The students found a variety of ways to engage with their communities and help others, with two students volunteering with the Abu Dhabi Community Police and helped organise a two-day National Day event for the local community in Al Shamkha.

Others helped the Zayed Higher Organisation for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs Special Needs Sports Club, working with them and accompanying them during their activities programme to the Bowling Centre.

One student chose to work with the very young and volunteered with The National Nursery, helping the children with activities, including face painting, at their ‘Traditional Day’ and National Day celebrations.

Two groups chose to work with the sick; one student helped in the clinic reception at Sheikh Khalifa Medical Centre, spending time with young children in hospital and also helping to organise their National Day celebration. Another student supported the administrative team at the Red Crescent with office duties that included filing and preparing presentations.

Some students chose to work with the ADWC staff in the busy Student Services section. They helped al Nahda Girls School to celebrate International Students Day by organising activities and also helped with ADWC’s Flag and National Days.

Students Afeya Al Kindi and Nora Ahmed, who collected food and clothing to distribute to the needy, said that they had gained a lot of experience, and had become more outstanding people and more comfortable with themselves. They added that we are all equal and that they were happy that they were able to help others.

Student Latifa Al Hamali volunteered through Takatof, the Emirates Foundation’s initiative to empower and encourage young people to volunteer. She was one of a group placed at the Abu Dhabi Formula One Grand Prix in November and was very enthusiastic about her experiences, to such a degree that she volunteered for many additional hours. Other students were also placed via Takatof and helped at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.