KCWC Students Power Together at Shell Energy, Water & Food Forum

5 years

Nine HCT-Khalifa City Women’s College (KCWC) Business students attended the Shell Forum on Energy, Water and Food held at the Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi last month, as part of their Learning by Doing initiatives.

Centred around the theme “Powering Progress Together”, the forum gathered experts to explore future energy, water and food issues facing the UAE and the Arab region.

The forum was held in collaboration with the MASDAR Institute and constituted an open forum discussion on supporting the key pillars of the Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic Vision, which intends to build a sustainable and diversified economy in the UAE and the region that is well integrated into the global economy.

Panel discussions focused on the solutions for conserving water and energy. Students had a good exposure to sustainability challenges facing the world and how modern day green businesses can make use of the opportunities to promote sustenance, and simultaneously help in the economic progress of the country.

The panel discussions took the participants’ views through live feedback systems, with the students expressing their views with great interest. They also took the chance to articulate their views to the panel through the question and answer session.

The event took the students a step closer to corporate reality and exposed them to the broader need to conserve energy.

The students who participated were from different Business classes and years of study.  Their attendance at the conference provided them with the opportunity to meet other students and broaden their networks.  They committed to keeping in contact after the event, with a view to promoting awareness of the sustainability agenda in their own environment and also to assist each other and exchange experience and ideas related to their studies.

First-year student Laila Mohammed Al Reesi said: “The forum taught us that we need to start looking at how we use our natural resources, which we take for granted, and use them responsibly. I learned a lot of new things about how we can preserve and benefit from our natural resource energy, and finally it was a great to listen to these expert discussions and have a useful time.”

Sara Ahmed, another first-year student, stated:“For me, going to the Shell Conference was a new kind of experience, it showed me that people’s actions decide the future they want for themselves and it motivated me to be more active and help in making our country a more green place for us and the next generations.”

Student Duaa Al Ansari noted: “Firstly, I would like to thank the HCT for the opportunity to attend and be part of such an educational and interesting conference. It was my honour to be a part of it. In my point of view, I learned a lot about the great efforts the UAE is taking to conserve our natural resources – whether it is water or oil.”

“I also learned about the UAE’s future plans for 2020 and how they think awareness should increase on the consumption of water and to save electricity from now. They also briefed us on how the UAE is working to find substitutes for oil, because they believe as any natural resource it will drain out some day, plus what procedures and actions are taking place to started making use of the natural gas,” Duaa added.

The one-day forum was inaugurated by Dr Sultan Al Jaber, CEO at Mubadala Energy and Andrew Brown, Upstream International Director at Royal Dutch Shell.

Students with faculty Cathy Okelly and Dr Sathya Sivam
Students with faculty Cathy Okelly and Dr Sathya Sivam