ADMC to Host Conference on Managing Fire Hazards

5 years

The HCT-Abu Dhabi Men’s College (ADMC) will host a free conference, organized jointly by the Energy Institute (EI) and the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), which examines how local organizations manage the risks associated with fire hazards in today’s rapidly developing Middle East market on November 12.

Some of the issues raised will include:

  • Is there a disaster simply waiting to happen because effective safety culture and good Process Safety Management models have not been implemented within local industry?
  • What has changed in both the downstream and upstream sectors to ensure that process hazards are being regularly reviewed?
  • How prepared is the UAE to respond to an emergency?
 Can we be sure that we are operating safely and managing all our risks effectively or are have we just been lucky today?

With a diverse mix of consultants, academics, engineers, scientists and environmentalists in their memberships, the support of the ADMC and of their sponsors, the EI and IFE will provide a morning of free knowledge-sharing and networking to raise these questions and discover how valuable it is to have the answers.

Dr Sultan Hussain Karmostaji, Director of the HCT Abu Dhabi Colleges, said that as a leader of applied and technical, industry-relevant academic programmes, the Abu Dhabi Men’s College was proud to be partnering the Energy Institute and the Institution of Fire Engineers to facilitate the conference.

“This conference emphasizes HCT’s commitment to excellence in education by providing its students with the technical and applied experiences which reinforce HCT’s Learning by Doing philosophy and which ensure our students’ learning experiences are beneficial to their future careers and endeavors,” Dr Karmostaji said.

“The issues of fire hazards, the relevant safety procedures and risk management strategies are very relevant to the UAE and its rapidly developing economic sectors, as well as commercial and residential developments. We hope that by supporting this conference our students will gain the knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to our nation; and to understand the issues involved with fire hazards and to respond to them in the appropriate manner,” he added.

If you are planning to visit ADIPEC, join us at the HCT, just a short travel distance away, on November 12, from 9am. The event will close with lunch.