FMC Business Students attend “Live-Training” at Al-Futtaim Training Center, Dubai

4 years

HCT Fujairah Men’s College (FMC) Business students visited the Al-Futtaim Training Center, Dubai last month.

The trip was as a partial requirement for the college’s Training and Development & Managing people & Organization courses.  E-business Year-4 and BAS Year-3 students selected Al-Futtaim Training Center for their Employee development and T&D projects.

The Al-Futtaim Training Centre, Dubai works in close partnership with Al-Futtaim’s 65 businesses and with various principals, suppliers and external customers. The Training Centre assists its partners with their off-the-shelf and customized training and development needs.

Students had the opportunity to attend a “Live-Training” activity which enhanced their learning about employee development and T& D.  Students enjoyed the interactive training session and learned about employee development through a series of fun activities.

“It was a good trip and we benefited a lot from it. The Trainer was a good communicator and the activities were all related to our courses which made easier for us to understand,” e-business student Faisal Hassan commented on the trip.

Another student, Shaikha Abdulla commented on Training activity: “It taught us that we have to plan and set the suitable strategy to know our goals and what we have to do to achieve these goals. We learned that the team members should follow the 7 Cs to be effective and successful team.”

Ali Saif commented on trip: “I’m looking forward to have more activities and trips like these because they change the environment of the education.” Abdulla Yunus said: “We learned that if we share responsibility and work us a team we can accomplish anything.”