RAK Colleges host sessions on Emotional Intelligence for PD week

5 years

The Career Services Department organised two sessions on Emotional Intelligence during the professional development week at the HCT-RAK Colleges.

The theme aroused a lot of interest among staff and management. Beryl Comar, from The Change Associates, said how delighted she was with the participants. “They are all very keen, focused, and open-minded asking wonderful questions. These young nationals will use their emotions intelligently to lead in their work and build the future,” she said.

Beryl gave a historical background of Emotional Intelligence including the role of EQ in leadership. She explained what emotions are and clarified the distinction between intentions, feelings and reactions. These responses can include changes in our psychology, thoughts and relationships. Beryl also discussed the research carried out by Howard Gardner from the 1960s to the present day related to the Multiple Intelligences. She discussed in depth the four core skills that make up the personal and social competencies and how communication impacts relationships, business results, commitment and teamwork.

The good news is that EQ can be developed and this has important implications for developing leadership and business. EQ accounts for 15% to 45% of success in business. It follows that corporate social responsibility is now included as part of the Moral Intelligence in many successful companies.

Emotional Intelligence 2

At the end of the sessions all the participants were eager to continue exploring and increasing their knowledge of such a seminal theme. On behalf of Aisha Al Naqbi, the Supervisor of the Career Services, Inocenta Ewart thanked Beryl Comar and presented her with an HCT Certificate of Appreciation.