Noor Islamic Bank offers 30 Scholarships to Sharjah HCT Students

5 years

Noor Islamic Bank has selected thirty of the top Sharjah Higher Colleges of Technology students in Business, Information & Computer Sciences, and Engineering Technology courses for its scholarship programme.

The Bank’s programme aims to attract talented UAE national students into the financial and banking services industry and help them fulfill their learning goals. Students will receive a monthly allowance and, upon successful completion of their studies, will be considered for employment with Noor Islamic Bank.

The first cohort of twenty students, from both the Men’s and Women’s Colleges, were chosen in October 2013 for the NIB scholarship programme. The selected students signed their contracts with Maheen Kamali, Emiratisation Senior Manager at NIB, in an event held in the SWC Boardroom with Dr Ged Ryan, Sharjah HCT Associate Director; Tarifa Ajaif, Dean of Students Affairs and College Advancement; and Sawsan Hamo, Employer Relations Coordinator.

Earlier this month the Bank, as part of the Absher Initiative, selected an additional ten students from Sharjah Women’s College to join the scholarship programme.

The Bank’s Maheen Kamali said this scholarship programme came as a part of the social responsibility of NIB and its keenness to attract national talents to join its team. She expressed her admiration for the Sharjah Colleges’ students and their commitment and speed in completing the required documents for the scholarship.

Sawsan Hamo, Sharjah HCT Employer Relations Coordinator, stressed the colleges’ commitment to provide opportunities to help students learn about the labour market and to facilitate employment for its graduates in leading public and private sector organisations, including the Noor Islamic Bank.