English in Action at Fujairah Men’s College

4 years

The HCT-Fujairah Men’s College hosted its first “English in Action” Multisport Event for Pre-Foundations students on Thursday, November 14, 2013 .

In an effort to support the Higher College of Technology’s “Learning by Doing” initiative, the students participated in over ten sporting events that ranged from an obstacle course to a three-legged race.

Faculty members of the HCT Foundations English programme believe that teaching English as a Second Language through sports activities gives immense benefits to students. It promotes active learning of the language and not only enhances learning of the English Language, but also contributes to the intellectual, physical and social development of the learners.

Teaching English through sports activities was carried out with 80 Pre-Foundations students. In the classroom, learners were first introduced to some general information or to the history of a particular sport like water balloon toss or the sack race.

Discussions about the various outdoor sports were held in small groups and by the end of the class the students were familiar with the vocabulary related to the sporting activity concerned. In the follow-up lesson, they participated in their sporting activity.

Observations were made by the instructor to ensure the students used only English throughout their activity when interacting with the people around them. After the physical activity the learners were asked to describe their feelings, surroundings, the rules and regulations of the sport, their performances, and the skills and actions involved and record them in a reflective journal.

Students were found to be more expressive in using the English language after the sports activity. Their levels of confidence and motivation increased. There was also better social interaction and a sense of sharing among their classmates, not to mention an improvement in their use of the English.

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