DMC’s CIS students interact with Human Computer Interaction (HCI) guest speaker

4 years

A group of Dubai Men’s College (DMC) Year-3 CIS Bachelor degree students, majoring in Applications Development and Networking, had the opportunity to interact with guest speaker Dr Emad Bataineh, Associate Professor at Zayed University’s  College of Technological Innovation.

The purpose of the talk and interaction was to present to HCT’s CIS students the latest technological development and teaching practices in one of the pillars in IT – the Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

Dr Bataineh, who was invited by the CIS Department as part of the course CIS 3003 learning activities, presented the CIA and CIN students with what is HCI and explained the current user-centred design approaches focusing on user interfaces and how system adapts itself to user’s needs. He reminded students that this is a major departure from traditional system-centered design approaches focusing on functionality.

During his talk, Dr Bataineh presented the Multimedia Lab which enables the students to enhance their creativity skills in Graphic designing, Multimedia applications, WEB Development, project Management and Human Computer Interaction (HCI).

The CIS students, led by their teacher Wejdan Jassim, discovered the specialised equipment for Human-Computer Interaction applications, including the Tobii Enterprise HCI package, the Emotin Epoc and the Eye tracker tool with which they can conduct formalised HCI usability testing on prototypes and summative once the final product are completed.

The guest talk was followed by an interactive Q&A session where Dr Bataineh answered interesting questions raised by the CIS students and discussed the focus of the importance of having such specialised HCT equipment in providing a framework for non-invasive testing and using it to reinforce the learning-by-doing especially for CIS Applications Development programmes.

Dr Faouzi Bouslama, DMC Chair of the CIS department said, “CIS students at DMC were inspired by the guest speaker’s talk and greatly benefited from the very educational and enriching information. The HCI experience at ZU which started in 2007 provided us with the best practices and the latest approaches in teaching HCI as part of our CIS BAS programmes.”

Dr Emad Batained said: “It was a pleasure to share with DMC students and faculty my many years of experience in teaching HCI. I believe that by sharing the best practices and by showing students projects in HCI, DMC can learn from our best experiences to create innovative and inspiring LBD experiences in HCI.”

Khalid Abdulmunem Al Mudawi, a Year-3 student said:  “I learnt very useful knowledge about the usability testing of web sites and I like to explore in depth the use of advanced equipment such as the Eye Tracker in HCT design and development.”