Film competition experts view ADWC student films

6 years

A group of eager student film makers assembled recently at the HCT’s Abu Dhabi Women’s College to share their short films with VIP guests.

The visitors, Mr. Saleh Karama Al Ameri and Mr. Adel Al Jabri, are leaders of the Abu Dhabi Film Festival’s Emirates Film Competition, and they spent a morning viewing student-made films and discussing them with ADWC’s third-year student film makers.

Approximately twenty Applied Communication (Video Production) students met in the College’s auditorium with their distinguished guests. The group watched four fictional films and one documentary. Most of the films reflect the female students’ interest in issues such as women’s roles in society, especially in their families.

The visiting film experts lauded the student works while also offering direct constructive criticism. Student film maker Amira stated, “They criticized us in a hard way, but it was helpful.”

Students carried on lively dialogue with their guests throughout the meeting, before, between, and after the film showings. Mr. Al Jabri encouraged the women to “educate yourselves by watching international films and reading”. Mr. Al Ameri also encouraged the women to attend and participate in student film competitions.

Dr. Jace Hargis, Director of Abu Dhabi/Khalifa City Women’s College, said on the occasion, “We thank our guests sincerely for taking their valuable time to encourage our students. One of our College’s aspirational goals is for each student to assemble an electronic portfolio which demonstrates her learning, and we can see in these films clear evidence of student achievement in filmmaking.”