RAK Men’s College students attend 12th Intercollege Environmental Public Speaking Competition

5 years

While most RAK Men’s College students were celebrating National Day, two groups of Mechatronics engineering students participated in the 12th Intercollege Environmental Public Speaking Competition 2012, held at Dubai Knowledge Village.

The event is an open competition for GCC universities and colleges organized by the Emirates Environmental Group.

The first group of students, in their final year of HD/BAS, were led by Abdullah Hassan Al Farsi and consisted of team members Abdulrahman Sultan Al Khawwar and Ahmed Saif Al Khaitoob. They participated in the topic “My Climate, My Responsibility” with a very live and interesting short story, entitled “War and the Environment”.  In brief, the story portrays a dove facing pollution and black rain amidst a war torn landscape.

The second team, again of final year HD/BAS Mechatronics students, was led by Tareq Mohammed Al Neaimi, and joined by team members, Ahmed Abdulla Al Yoon, Hamed Abdulla Al Hammadi, and Mohammed Ebrahim Al Mansoori.  Tareq and team members participated in the second environmental topic of “Every Drop Matters”.

The speech revolved around the need to save water used during ablution.  The team described the control unit that they developed for a course project, which can save water from 10 liters per each ablution to only 1.4 liters.   If implemented in UAE mosques, it would save up to 10 million dhs of water cost, not to mention the amount of water that would be conserved.

From left to right: Ahmed Abdulla Alyoon, Tareq Al Neaimi and Hamad Al Hammadi.