DWC Financial Services students train 33 family members on importance of personal finance

5 years

The Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai (HCT-Dubai), Women’s Campus, recently hosted workshops in which financial services students trained their family members on the importance of personal finance and the various products and services that can be used by the UAE national community.

All year-three financial services students played the role of trainers in the workshops which were offered to a total of 33 family members including, doctors, engineers, government department employees, students from other higher education institutions as well as high schools. The participants gave great feedback – especially about their lack of knowledge about retirement planning and sensible borrowing.

Students conducted the workshops focusing on different topics including Personal Balance Sheet, savings, money transmission and products, borrowing, insurance and investment as well as retirement planning and retirement expense and income.

The topics were very interesting to the audience who had several questions and the students handled them well. The participants hugely appreciated the opportunity to improve their knowledge about such a crucial aspect of their lives, their finances.