Ras Al Khaimah Colleges launch KALIMAT

7 years

The HCT Ras Al Khaimah Colleges Creative Writing Centre was established this year to identify potential authors among its student population and to offer these talented young writers a venue for publication through an annual Creative Writing Journal.

The calibre of the writing has exceeded all expectations, with wonderful stories ranging from life’s dilemmas to fantasy and stories from the past. As a result the Colleges have published the first edition of KALIMAT.

It was an enormous challenge to seek out potential authors on the campuses and to encourage them to offer their personal work for publication. To envision a first edition and motivate others to believe in the quality work we knew we could produce required hours of dedication and mentoring from faculty members.

The RAK Colleges has offered the first edition of Kalimat, as a tribute to the students and community of Ras Al Khaimah. The Colleges hope it is the foundation of a long and worthy tradition that will continue to grow and evolve with our colleges and our emirate.