SMC rowing team wins 8th Annual Boat Race for the second consecutive year

8 years

Sharjah Men’s College rowing team won the title in the 8th Annual Traditional Boat Race, organized by RKMC, after an exciting race competition with RKMC, AAMC, FMC, DMC, and ADMC.

February 2012 saw the start of the training scheme, which lasted for eight weeks, with approximately 28 team members full of enthusiasm and excitement. Hard training gave the Sharjah members confidence and competitive spirit. It made them ready for the race and ready to try retain the title for the second year in a row.

Race day saw a mix  of emotions – concentration and excitement. After a strong start, SMC team led the race, by about 100 meters, followed by RKMC .

Although it seemed as if SMC would win the race by a long distance, because of over-enthusiasm, Khalid Ali broke his paddle, and we were short of one player. This allowed RKMC’s boat to reduce the distance and even access to a level very close to us. However, the SMC team compensated for the lack of one rower and were able to finish the race in first place and retain the title for the second consecutive season.

Congratulations to the SMC team for this achievement, which has made the whole College proud. This pride was noted by Dr. Farid Ohan when he shook hands with the players and gave them certificates of achievement during the management meeting.

Team members have proven their commitment to the college through training and focus. Their coaches, Juma Al Junaibi and Murad Badawi, spared no effort in trying to make a winning team who will compete for the title in later years as well.

Well done to the SMC Rowing Team members for their amazing performance and a special thanks to Ali Siddiqui for his help in administrative matters.