KCWC students volunteer with deaf children

6 years

Students from the HCT’s Khalifa City Women’s College recently participated in the opening event from this year’s 37th Annual Arab Deaf Week.

In cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Rehabilitation and Care Center for People with Special Needs, members of KCWC’s Baader Volunteering Club ran both a fund-raising booth and a question-and-answer activity for special needs children and others who assembled at the Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Students Shamsa Al Rabeea, Khadeeja Al Kaabi, Nadia Al Jaberi and Zeinab Taj Aldeen helped to prepare and host a “quiz show” for deaf children and others.

The KCWC volunteers welcomed the children to a large outdoor stage to answer quiz questions and receive a present. A translator from the AD Rehabilitation and Care Center helped communicate with the deaf children.

In addition to buying and distributing the presents, Baader Club members also gave candy and school supplies to many of the special needs children in attendance.

Other Baader Club members ran a small sales booth stocked with items made by KCWC students in extracurricular arts-and-crafts classes. The money earned from these sales will be donated to the AD Rehabilitation and Care Center.

Club President Khadeeja Al Kaabi said: “It made us happy to help the special needs children. Deaf children especially can be lonely, and we wanted them to feel that we support them and love them.”

Dr. Jace Hargis, KCWC’s Director, stated: “Our students enjoy offering their help to the community, especially to children with special needs. These experiences help them develop communication and leadership skills, and they bring us all together for a good cause.”

A KCWC volunteer quizzes a child at a Corniche event marking “Arab Deaf Week.”