HCT community embraces digital age with new bespoke Mobile App

7 years

The Higher Colleges of Technology (UAE’s largest higher education institution) has taken a giant step forward with its technology-based curriculum, launching its new HCT Mobile application.

HCT Mobile is a free iPhone/iPad application, being a system-wide mobile initiative to aggregate and deliver useful, usable, mobile-appropriate content to the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) community, including its 2000-strong faculty & staff and 20,000 students.

The application can be used across the United Arab Emirates and also worldwide, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

Dr. Tayeb Kamali, Vice Chancellor of the Higher Colleges of Technology said the HCT Mobile App demonstrated the Higher Colleges’ emphasis on innovation and technology in education.

“We maintain a strong commitment to excellence in education and this mobile application will complement the focus on successful student learning outcomes in technology and innovation, educating our students for the 21st Century,” Dr Kamali said.

“It will also assist students, faculty and staff alike in their adaptability, information technology use and analytical thinking so that they can all make important contributions to the educational experiences at the Higher Colleges of Technology and ultimately to our nation,” he added.

The Application is further evidence of HCT establishing itself as a leader in technology use, innovation and adoption throughout its 17 campuses across the UAE, Dr. Kamali said.

“It is fitting for the Higher Colleges of Technology to develop this mobile application, as we were one of the first higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates to incorporate eLearning into our colleges, as part of the everyday learning processes for students,” he said.

“This will enable our colleges to provide-cutting edge and relevant technologies for their students, aiding their technical and communications skills, and thus preparing students and graduates for in-demand careers in this increasingly globalised economy.

“The Application is a wonderful example of the team-oriented approach to higher education at the Higher Colleges in today’s technology-driven environment. I congratulate all those involved in making this a reality and encourage the whole HCT community to utilize the service,” Dr. Kamali concluded.

Some of the features of HCT Mobile application include:

News – The latest news from the HCT Colleges, featuring the latest news about the HCT communities, student and faculty achievements, arts and culture, and science and research. Articles can also be shared using email, Facebook, or Twitter;

Events – Provides information on what’s going on today in the colleges, or coming up soon. Users can plan their own timetable and events from the HCT calendar are available by category with the date and time, and location;

College Directory – Get relevant contact information for all HCT Colleges so you can contact them directly;

Campus Map – Navigate around HCT campuses and get the directions to reach them. Includes location display function, zoom function and directional finder;

Video – View YouTube videos posted by HCT colleges including special events, sporting and student activities;

Student Information – Displays student-related information via a log-in function, including timetable for the next 5 days; attendance and grade information; exam schedule for the current term; and transcript for all terms.

For more information on the HCT Mobile Application visit http://m.hct.ac.ae. To download the application visit http://itunes.apple.com/app/id510336044