Abu Dhabi Men’s College host Inter-Nation Games

6 years

Abu Dhabi Men’s College students played against a group of overseas students in Abu Dhabi, as the college hosted students from the Singapore Management University (SMU).

The Games played were in Football, Table Tennis, Baby-Football, and Carom.

This is the second year that Abu Dhabi Men’s College has played host to SMU. These friendly games included 60 athletic players from SMU and the Abu Dhabi Men’s College Athletes.

The fans from Abu Dhabi Men’s College cheered for both teams in a generous display of hospitality and support for the visiting teams.

Teams were divided into three sections; with the football team consisting of 26 players who used the playing field. The indoor games were held in the cafeteria, in which male and female athletes participated in the table tennis, Baby-Football, and Carom.

Abu Dhabi Men’s College wants to continue the sporting exchange, and has extended the invitation for next year, since the SMU team enjoyed this Athletic day, and wished to have a whole week of sports with ADMC students.

In a reciprocal gesture, SMU students invited ADMC athletic teams to visit them in Singapore for sports and cultural exchanges.