Fujairah students show their green credentials with mangrove clean up

6 years

On Tuesday April 24, 2012 a group of 17 students from the HCT-Fujairah Men’s College Ecology programme visited the Kalba mangroves for a cleanup activity.

The day was organized in response to an earlier visit, where students studied the nature of mangroves and conducted an investigation into the animals that live there. During that time the students noticed vast quantities of litter and mess scattered around.

Consequently, students divided themselves into pairs and were given designated areas to clean up. Each group was given 3 plastic bags: 1 for plastic, 1 for glass and 1 for general garbage. Following the exercise the plastic and glass were taken to the recycling bins at Fujairah Women’s College.

Although difficult to conduct a complete professional clean up, the students were extremely proud of their efforts and made the area look much better.

The party was also joined by HCT-Fujairah’s Associate Director, Mr Brian Keenan who led by example and helped with the clean up.

“The people don’t care about the place and bad effects of the rubbish,” said Athari Abdulla – one of the students helping with the clean up.

The students were rewarded for their efforts by the sight of a young fox scampering past as they worked, perhaps signaling his seal of approval.