Sharjah HCT celebrates Health, Wellness and Medicine Week

8 years

The Health, Wellness, and Medicine week got off to a flying start thanks to the Sharjah HCT Health Science Staff, Faculty and Students with a great response to the hands-on demonstrations available at the College’s Tanweer Hall.

Everyone at the college was treated to a variety of medical marvels including dental, diabetes, and blood check-ups.

Dr. Maryam Matar, Executive Director of UAE Genetic Diseases Association (GDA), presented a workshop on anemia, thalassemia, and folic acid, and the Sharjah Blood Bank held a blood donation drive at the SHCT campuses.

The first part for the health and fitness side saw a somewhat noticed impact in the main cafeteria menu, with Abella in full support stripping back the menu to embrace a healthy eating week, removing fizzy drinks and fries and increasing the fruit, salad and fresh drink selection.

Student Khawla Ahmed commented: “I would normally have a can of fizzy drink, but with it off the menu I looked for an alternative and actually found I enjoyed this more. This will help for me to think about my choices in the future”.

Abdulla Saif appreciated the absence of unhealthy food.  He said: “The foods I normally eat were not on the menu.  This made me think about my choices and also consider foods I didn’t think about before.”

In the fitness area of SHCT, the ladies were treated to a mass Yoga class led by Ms. Katrina Kinsella and assisted by Ms. Lindsey and Ms. Charlotte.  This was attended by over 40 students who all thoroughly enjoyed it. Many of the ladies had not tried yoga before, so it was a new experience.

“I had heard of yoga and we had discussed it in class but I have never had the opportunity to take part before.  Now I look forward to joining the class every week,” said Aisha Mohammed.

The end of the week also saw a good workout in the swimming pool using water aerobics – great for pregnant mothers or those that just don’t particularly like the gym!