“Dubai Women’s College Walks” event attracts students, faculty and staff

8 years

Almost 1200 students, faculty, staff and management  participated in the “Dubai Women’s College Walks” event today, which is part of the Health and Physical Education (HAPE) Week annual event held at Dubai Women’s College to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

The DWC Health and Physical Education (HAPE) Week runs from February 19 – 23, at the College’s state-of-the-art campus.

As the key factor to improving student confidence, brainpower and long-term health, physical education has been introduced in the HCT system through the leadership of DWC Director Dr. Howard Reed, who focused on raising awareness among the youth of UAE of the importance of healthy living, as well as academic success. Dr. Reed’s goal of educating the “whole person” is DWC’s contribution to combating high rates of diabetes and heart disease in the UAE.

The HAPE week is dedicated to all DWC students to participate in a variety of sports and recreation activities and interact in programs which increase healthy lifestyle awareness. The event included holding two full days of tournaments with approximately 25 sports and recreational activities including Volleyball, Basketball, Indoor Football and Hockey.

Dubai Women’s College has been working closely with the Dubai Police to promote the Sheikh Mohammed Sports and Physical Activity Program amongst its students and faculty.

Students and staff participated also in DWC 5km run/walk-a-thon, to enable both faculty and students interact together in a healthy and happy environment in order to achieve a fitness goal.

“Dubai Women’s College is committed to promoting and fostering healthy lifestyles for our students.  HAPE week allows us to draw specific focus and attention to healthy habits and activities that are required for a long and full life,” said Zak McLaren, DWC Dean of Foundation and Developing programs.

Today, a healthy eating awareness program and physical education programs are embedded in the academic curriculum. Throughout this semester, every week, over 1000 students attend classes in the Fitness Centre.

Abela, the college caterer, is an active partner in the program. All the meals prepared on campus by Abela are trans-fat free and no chocolate bars or fizzy drinks are sold on campus.

“Health and Physical Education Week, is a celebration of the college’s commitment to health and fitness through fun-filled sporting activities and a focus on health-related issues,” Zak McLaren pointed out.

From her part, Melissa Jones, HAPE Faculty said that not only does participation in sports and physical activity aid in boosting students’ self-esteem but it also plays a key role in the students’ academic success.

“Participating in enjoyable sports and recreational activities can be an excellent way to  not only keep fit and stay in shape but can help increase one’s confidence. Fit and healthy people are able to cope better with day to day stresses in both everyday life and the working environment,” she said.

“All students in foundations levels and year 1 are involved in weekly HAPE classes as part of their studies.  They are given the opportunity to participate in both team and individual sports, fitness and swimming programs.  It has become an integral part of the DWC college experience.”