Health Awareness Week at Abu Dhabi Men’s College

7 years

Abu Dhabi Men’s College hosts its Health and Awareness week every year with hospitals and clinics testing and advising students on various health issues.

This year the event hosted three hospitals and clinics which tested the students for high blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, stress, and other health related problems. The awareness week included a series of lectures that were given by doctors from the Abu Dhabi medical fraternity.

Dr. Simon Jones, Director of Abu Dhabi Men’s College said that ADMC was delighted to host the Health and Wellness event with its partners. In an increasingly competitive workplace it is important that people understand what is needed to stay healthy and have the support and encouragement to do so.

The Health and Wellness Week was an opportunity for medical institutions to introduce their services at no cost to the students at the college during this week, in addition to introducing new technologies in the medical field and in diagnosing certain illnesses at early stages.

The students took advantage of this opportunity, not only for personal medical benefits, but also for their careers, as representatives from the Human Resources of medical institutions interviewed students for future employment.

Abu Dhabi Men’s College offers a number of Health Science majors for Male and Female students: medical Imaging, Lab Technology, Food Science Technology, Midwifery, and Special Needs nurses, as well as other programs that are in association with the American Heart Association.

Abu Dhabi Men’s College campus is one of the best equipped campuses in Abu Dhabi as it utilizes nine labs, including Hematology, Microbiology, Immunology analysis, Clinical Chemistry, Pharmacy and emergency medicine, Nursing & Molecular Biology and an X-Ray Lab.

The event was also an opportunity for non- ADMC students to be introduced to the Health Science Department and ask questions about possible majors.