AAMC Annual Sports Day is a mix of fun, teamwork and athletic prowess

9 years

As the fog lifted over the beautiful oasis of Al Ain and the early morning sun cast its light over the AAMC football field hundreds of students accompanied by faculty were seen preparing for the student versus staff tug-of-war.

This event marks the beginning of the annual AAMC sports day in which students from across all faculties compete in an array of sporting activities to decide which department will claim the champion’s trophy for the year.

The combined strength of the faculty, with the additional help of the College Director Mr. Tim Smith, wasn’t enough to defeat the power of the student body, who won the tug-of-war by 3 points to 2.

The sports included football, volleyball, and basketball, along with the indoor activities of billiards, darts, table tennis and chess.

This year saw tough competition between the Business, IT, Engineering, CERT and Foundations students. As in all competitions there can only be one winner, and this year it was the Business and IT Faculty who took out top honors.

Their exceptional team work across all sporting activities stood out from the rest, and was enough to hold off runners-up CERT and third place winners Years 3 & 4 students in the Foundation’s program.

In presenting the trophy to the winners, the College Director, Mr. Tim Smith remarked on the importance of team work and cooperation as the key to success not only in sport, but throughout the students’ academic programs with the Higher College’s of Technology.