Safe Driving Campaign begins at Fujairah Men’s College

8 years

HCT Fujairah Men’s College launched its annual Safe Driving Campaign in an opening ceremony on Sunday 13 November, 2011.

It was the third year in which HCT-Fujairah has run the campaign in response to several student fatalities caused by car accidents during 2008-2009. The two-week campaign offers a theoretical and practical program for all new Foundations students.

This initiative arose from a Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Higher Colleges of Technology and the Dubai Prosecutor’s Office in 2007 to improve the standards of driving of HCT students and make them more aware of the legal consequences of poor driving.

Dr. Dave Pelham, Director, HCT Fujairah stated how important this campaign is for the local community.

“Providing our students with the information and experiences contained in the Safe Driving Week curriculum is extremely important. Our students are highly at risk of being injured or killed due to traffic accidents,” Dr Pelham said.

“If we can save even one of our students from being involved in a tragic accident then all of the effort by our staff and student councils to organize this activity will be completely worthwhile.”

In addition to instructional classes, Emirates Driving Institute provided a Roll-over Car and the Seat Belt Convincer machine to allow students to experience a roll-over in a car and the effect of sudden braking at 10kph, both when wearing a seatbelt.

Mr. Robert Hodges, Chief Operating Officer for Emirates Driving Institute, emphasized the need for such important programs.

“Here in the UAE there was an accident every 4 minutes, 20 seconds during 2010, a UAE total of 121,300 accidents of which 7,642 involved injuries 826 people died,” he said.

As part of the course, 31 male students with valid UAE driver’s licenses will participate in an intensive one-day Defensive Driving Course at a ratio of two students to one instructor. EDI will provide three instructors and cars to deliver the course.

Upon completion of the course the Fujairah Men’s College students will receive a Defensive Driving Course pack with a course guide book, a workbook, DVD, child-safety/tire-care booklets, tire pressure gauge and car stickers. In addition to the driving course, FMC foundations students will attend a 60-minute interactive presentation by the EDI chief driving instructor.

Next semester, the Safe Driving Program will be conducted at Fujairah Women’s College in the same format for its 700 new foundations students.