Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja passes on advice to ADMC students

8 years

Abu Dhabi Men’s College Applied Communications students were given a rare treat on November 21 when they took part in a workshop with celebrated Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja.

Ms Al Khaja took over the ADMC Independent Learning Center, where she interacted with the students and recounted how she got into films.

Filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja at Abu Dhabi Men’s College.

From the former Dubai Women’s College graduate’s background it would be difficult to imagine her in any other business. Brought up in a house with a library of more than 800 films, many of them black and white, pre-Bollywood, pre-song and dance Indian films, where she would happily watch three or four movies in a single session, Nayla’s future was almost pre-ordained.

Since then she has gone on to produce a documentary and three short films. Her films focus on situations and conflicts that occur in Arab life, and provoke different reactions from the viewers, from violent disapproval to strong support.