Abu Dhabi Women’s College hosts European Legislator

8 years

Abu Dhabi Women’s College recently welcomed a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Professor Dr. Godelieve Quisthoudt-Rowohl of Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany.

Re-elected to the European Parliament consistently since 1989, Dr. Quisthoudt-Rowohl also teaches pro bono at the University of Hildesheim’s Institute of Social Sciences. She delivered a stimulating lecture to senior ADWC Business students on the topic of global
governance and the European financial crisis. Her interactive lecture drew the interest of the many students who stayed afterward for a lengthy question-and-answer period.

In addition to meeting with senior administrators at the College, Dr. Quisthoudt-Rowohl toured the College’s City Campus and took note of the academic work on display as well as the student art which decorates the walls.

Dr. Grace Thomson, ADWC’s Chair of Business said: “The students were particularly interested on taxes and how taxation affected businesses and people in Europe. All the students evidenced a genuine interest to learn. It was an enriching experience for everyone.”

Aysha, a third-year management student, added; “Because of the crisis in the European economy, we were very interested to ask questions.”

Dr. Quisthoudt-Rowohl commented: “After speaking with ADWC’s students, I now have a better view of UAE culture, especially how Emiratis emphasize women’s development and education.”

Dr. Jace Hargis, ADWC’s Director, said: “Abu Dhabi Women’s College has been honored to welcome Dr. Quisthoudt-Rowohl. She has had an exemplary career and inspires other women to do their part in their communities.”