Students share their experiences at RKM road safety campaign

7 years

The Independent Learning Center at RAK Men’s College recently hosted Mayed Al Maftool (Diploma Semester Four) and Khalil Sharawi (Executive MBA) on as part of Road Safety Week.

The two spoke frankly about critical car accidents they were involved in. A hushed audience listened intently as each described their accident, the long and difficult path to recovery and the effect of the accident on family members.

Mayed, who had a near fatal car crash, advised the audience to always wear a seatbelt while driving – even on a short outing. Be aware of other drivers and do not speed, no matter how good a driver you are he cautioned. And of course, never drive without a license.

Khalil, involved in a motorcycle accident, cautioned the audience to always wear a helmet, boots and suitable clothing while riding. He now feels strongly that it is too dangerous a sport to take lightly and advised riders to stay within the speed limit and to be very aware of the behavior of car drivers.

Ahmed Obaid Alla, Level Four Foundations student at RKM, said ‘Hearing Mayed and Khalil made me very sad. It made me think about how to drive more safely.’