13th HCT Sports and Olympics Day goes off with a bang

9 years

The 13th HCT Sports and Olympics Day was a huge success and one of the most eagerly anticipated event of the academic year.

‘HCT Sports Day brings out the best in all our students’ said Issam Barakat Sports Coordinator, DMC.

‘We enjoy the strong competition but it’s also a chance to feel part of the Higher Colleges, part of our bigger community’.

The day began with a 3 km walkathon, with a record number of participants from DMC. A total of 800 students and staff from HCT competed in 27 sporting events.

Dr. Tayeb Kamali Vice Chancellor, HCT congratulated winners and thanked everyone for contributing to the special day.

The overall champion of the day was DMC, as they won the overall shield with 49 points accumulated from six sporting events including, 7 aside football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, Billiards and Foosball. DMC’s Aviation won the lion’s share with 84 points, followed by Engineering 83 points and Foundation 80 points.

The results for the main sporting events were as follows:

Soccer: 1. MZMC; 2. SMC; 3. DMC.

Volleyball: 1. DMC; 2. ADMC; 3. FMC.

Basketball: 1. DMC; 2. SMC; 3.ADMC.

Table Tennis: 1. DMC; 2. ADMC; 3. RKMC.

Billiards: 1. FMC; 2. DMC; 3. RKMC.

Foosball: 1. ADMC; 2. DMC; 3. RKMC.