DWC graduates offer career advice to students

9 years

Dubai Women’s College held a special Business Graduate Evening recently where recent Business graduates were invited back into college to speak to Year 2 Business Bachelor students.

The purpose of the informal question and answer session was to provide an opportunity for the Year 2 students to gain valuable feedback from the graduates concerning the different choice of Year 3 major available to them.

Year 2 students have to decide whether to major in Marketing, Financial Services and Banking, Accounting, Human Resources or Tourism and Event Management.

Dr. Monica Gallant, Chair of the Business Programs at DWC, said: ‘Graduate Evening is an excellent opportunity for DWC Business graduates to offer career advice to the Business students in Year 2 to help them choose their major of study.

“The informal nature of the event generates a lot of useful discussions that greatly benefit the students’.

The event was extremely helpful to all the participants as it allowed them to interact in a friendly manner while addressing important issues regarding their choice of career.

Maryam Ibrahim, a Year 2 General Business student commented: ‘It was interesting and useful and it helped us to consider other majors and which jobs they could lead to.’

Another Year 2 General Business student, Aisha Sultan, added: ‘It was also great to find out something about the actual workplace and what it’s like.’