Dubai Women’s College opens pavilion at Global Village

9 years

Mr. Saeed Bin Reda, CEO of Global Village, and Dr. Behjat Al Yousuf, Associate Director at Dubai Women’s College inaugurated the Dubai Women’s College (DWC) pavilion at Global Village on December 26 in the first initiative of its kind by a higher education institution.

The initiative aimed at supporting DWC alumnae in their entrepreneurial pursuits and highlighting achievements and contributions of the college over the past 20 years.

Through its pavilion at the Global Village, Dubai Women’s College seeks to acquaint visitors of all categories in society, especially women, with the bachelor programs offered by the college in different majors and specializations, thereby giving them a better chance to make their choices and becoming better aware of the top-quality education available at DWC.

Moreover, DWC pavilion at Global Village gives DWC alumnae, who have become entrepreneurs, the chance to showcase their businesses, as everyday four businesses are promoted. This way, there is a big chance for the largest possible number of graduates to promote their own businesses. Around 15 DWC graduates and two students are participating with their own businesses at the DWC pavilion – Global Village.

Meanwhile, Mayada Essa, DWC Marketing and Community Outreach Supervisor thanked the management of Global Village for co-operation and offering the college a free pavilion to raise awareness in society especially among UAE female students about specialisations provided by DWC.

“Through this pavilion, we seek to urge students to pursue their university studies and to constantly advance in the academic and career life,” she said.

“With this in mind, DWC management has decided to assign two students from the Applied Communications Department with managing this project, thus enhancing their efficiency in project management and PR. They have already made a mark in organising several events, culminating in winning awards,” she added.

The Dubai Women’s College is the first governmental higher education institution setting up a pavilion at the Global Village. Ahlam Al Bannai and Kholoud Al Jasmi, two Applied Communications final year students, are managing the pavilion.

“The DWC pavilion is a wonderful initiative from the college, especially as it gives us as students the chance to manage this village. Thus, the UAE society can get acquainted with the skills and potential of DWC students for managing businesses. It is also a chance for students to be linked to the community,” said Ahlam Al Bannai.

The DWC pavilion at Global Village opens to the public from December 26, 2010 to January 1, 2011 from 4pm till midnight and on the weekend from 4pm till 1am.