SHCT Business students promote Sustainable Entrepreneurship

8 years

The Business Department HD5 students displayed their sustainable products’ portfolio to the wide spectrum of the SMC community.

The students developed their own product ideas and outsourced green products from UAE companies that take into consideration environmental concerns without compromising the natural resources that are needed for future generations.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Sustainable Entrepreneurship’, included recycling ideas, alternative energy resources such as wind and solar energy, water and electricity saving systems in addition to using old and traditional methods of cooling systems for the houses.

The exhibition was completely managed by the students as part of their Change Management course requirements incorporating the Mosaic theme ‘Sustainability’. The project was set up by Business Department faculty member, Ms. Maha Ibrahim.

The main objective of this project is to encourage students to take initiatives towards their own community and become socially responsible by educating themselves first and act as change agents in their own community to educate the public by applying hard and soft systems of change management.

During the exhibition the students were explaining and promoting the ideas exhibited aiming to increase students’ awareness about the environmental issues related to consumption and how organizations can change their behavior to sustain our environment through developing new and innovative products that are environmentally friendly and can compete successfully against non-green products.

Student practical work like this allows students to apply theoretical frameworks to real life scenarios.

Abdul Aziz Al Qassimi, one of the students who organized the event, said: “we appreciate opportunities like this where we as students tend to apply knowledge gained through our course of study to practical examples.”

Ahmed Al Owais, another member of the organizing committee, said “this is a wonderful experience for us and a different one too.”