Dubai Women’s College Aides Graduates in Promoting Small Businesses

9 years

The Entrepreneurship Center at Dubai Women’s College (TEC@DWC), an organization focused on promoting entrepreneurship and supporting the local businesses that contribute to the UAE economy, recently held its “Entrepreneur Expo” where five DWC graduates were given retail space within the college campus with which to retail products and promote the businesses they have started upon graduation.

With the aim towards supporting DWC alumnae in their entrepreneurial pursuits, the three-day event allowed “Graduates-turned-Entrepreneurs” gain tremendous benefit from the event by generating not only new sales but also important brand awareness for their fledgling start-ups.

The event was inspirational to current students attending the expo as meeting the entrepreneurs and speaking about their journey into business prompted a number of students to consider pursuing a small business upon graduation.

The event was held in conjunction with the grand opening of the DWC Yogurberry Branch. Yogurberry LLC, a frozen yogurt master franchise held by DWC Graduate Rafia Al Mulla, was welcomed on campus in an effort to assist Rafia in expanding the business she started as a student at DWC.

The college is proud to be able to offer Rafia a place on campus with which to develop her brand while she provides healthy food options to students, faculty, and staff on campus.

The two events are part of a series of measures TEC@DWC is taking to promote entrepreneurship and support the local businesses that contribute to the UAE economy.

In addition to hosting these events, TEC@DWC provides memberships and a host of services to UAE Nationals interested in starting or growing a locally operated business.

Dr. Howard Reed, Director of Dubai Women’s College said that the events sponsored by TEC@DWC are a true demonstration of its commitment to developing Emirati entrepreneurship and contributing to the local economy.

“We at Dubai Women’s College are pleased to be able to assist our graduates in this regard, and we will continue to put forth effort in ensuring the success of our students and alumni in commercial pursuits or otherwise,” he said.

Nao Valentino, Manager of TEC@DWC pointed out that it is important for the college and TEC@DWC to encourage entrepreneurship as a possible career path. It is these small enterprises that will supply the economy with the job growth and development necessary to meet future needs.

“We will continue to look for ways we can both lend a hand to existing entrepreneurs and encourage others to become entrepreneurs. Our events will provide Emiratis with the motivation, tools, and confidence needed to succeed,” she concluded.