Alumni Association Launched at Al Ain Women’s College

9 years

Al Ain Women’s College hosted a launch ceremony for the new Alumni Association (AA) on 20th, December, 2010.

The Al Ain Women’s College Alumni Association currently has 7 council members with Ghabisha Al Ameri serving as President while Fakhera Al Amimi holds the Vice President’s position.

The council members work together to serve the college and community and to raise the perception of college graduates in the wider community by establishing and maintaining contacts and creating networks. They also conduct professional development workshops that aim to inculcate life-long learning activities and to support other college-based activities.

Many former graduates attended the launch of the Council and Alumnae Association. The program included welcome remarks by College Director, Tim Smith, leading into an introduction to the work of the Alumni Association by Sandra Palmer, Student Services Supervisor. This was followed by the president of the AA introducing the council members.

Wargha Al Ameri, a graduate of the college’s Bachelor of Education Program, spoke about how important it was to be a member of the council, and how valuable the association is to both the college and community.

Then, Alia Al Ketbi, a graduate in web design, demonstrated the upgraded version of the alumnae website and introduced the latest social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where new accounts have been created exclusively for the use of council members.

The members of the Alumnae Association serve as role models to our existing students and former graduates as they have shown great interest in motivating and leading others.

Furthermore, the Association gives graduates a voice with which to report on, or generate, new ideas and see them implemented. The Al Ain Women’s College Alumni Association looks forward to having the opportunity to meet and interact with other Alumnae Associations within the HCT system.

According to Ghabisha, ‘We are all travelers on the same journey but some have better maps.’

Adding that we all need to aim high and hope others will follow as we work towards a bright future full of hope and well-being.

Mr. Tim Smith, added that, there was a well-known quotation that summed up the association and its aims: ‘Leadership is not a position; it is action with vision.’

A vision made reality by the willingness of the AA members to serve the college and wider community. He further added that he hoped that through such associations and activities graduates would still feel that they remained a part of the fabric of the Al Ain Women’s College.