DWC “Parent’s Day” brings together students and parents to discuss learning opportunities

7 years

Dubai Women’s College (DWC) a Higher Colleges of Technology flagship institution (HCT)—hosted its annual “Parents Day” which brought together students and family members to discuss learning opportunities on campus, the importance of family involvement and the college services and programs the college provides.

The event garnered a huge response as more than 180 parents of new students attended the event which was held at Student Center – Dubai Women’s College campus.

The event shed lights on the importance of efficient communication between the college and students’ parents and the importance of the first year at the College to students including the challenges that face them.

The “Parent Day” event included a welcome address by Dr. Howard Reed, Director of DWC and Dr. Behjat Al Yousuf, Associate Director followed by a presentation on the programs by the Program Chairs. Faculty members of the relevant programs were also introduced to the parents. An introduction to DWC life was also presented by the Student Affairs Department.

Dr. Howard Reed, Director of DWC, asked parents to get more involved in students’ decisions on selecting the most appropriate academic programs that benefit both the students and the country.

“Your guidance and continuous communication with the students and the college means you are making a difference in their future. We have high expectations from our students and we realize that we can’t continue to deliver the best graduates to the Dubai market without your support and commitment.”

During the evening, families also were given a campus tour to Library and Fitness Center to view the facilities available for their daughters.

The college is a pioneer in health-conscious education as it offers healthy food in the campus cafeteria, thus doing its part to combat diabetes and obesity in UAE. Moreover, DWC is the first in the HCT system to design a world-class Fitness Center with 1,200 students participating weekly in physical education classes.

The evening concluded with a question and answer session, where parents discussed issues of importance to their daughter’s educational experience at DWC.