Traffic Week Awareness “Be Aware of others Faults ” @ RKWC

10 years

Under the Traffic Week Theme for this year “Be Aware of Others Faults” and with The RAK Directorate General of Police – Traffic and Licensing Department cooperation, Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College organized Traffic Week Awareness on March 14-16.

As part of the week there were competitions addressing the different Traffic Laws and Regulations that have been facilitated by RKWC Student Council members. Gifts were distributed to winners from different classes.

There were also a damaged car displayed in the campus to attract students and staff attention and to spread awareness among the college community of the accident and breaking traffic rules dangers.

The event also involved a lecture that highlighted the Traffic Week Theme presented by Colonel Hasan Al Bariki Deputy Manager at RAK Traffic Department. He stressed the importance of the family in advising and warning young drivers about the dangers on road and the need to follow traffic rules and regulations.