Students Explore Shar’iah Islamic Law on the 2nd day of Insight Dubai Conference

10 years

Participants of Insight Dubai Conference learned more about Shari’ah Islamic law on the second day of the conference. Both Dubai Women’s College (DWC) students along with international ones from 32 countries were introduced to the main concepts of Islamic Shari’ah Law by international and Emirati student facilitators.

Haya Almutlaq, DWC Business Faculty and Co-Chair of Insight Dubai Conference said: “During Insight Dubai we tend to present Shari’ah Islamic Law in a very simplified manner for the international participants to allow them understand how it functions. This year, the focus was on Child Custody.”

Following the child custody lecture, participants were given the opportunity to discuss the issues raised in depth and to participate in a courtroom simulation, based on a case study.

One international student commented, “Shari’ah law was something I was always curious about because I heard of it in the news and I always thought it was harsh and unjust but after the discussions I learned that it was not designed to mistreat women but to be fair as the Quran commands.”

DWC student, Shaikha, added: “I loved all the topics we discussed, especially Shari’ah Law.”
During the day, participants attended a lecture by Mr. Ammar Shams, head of Business Development at HSBC, Dubai.

Mr. Shams, who has a Masters in International and Comparative Legal Studies from University of London, specializing in Islamic Law, has a keen interest in education and appears as a guest lecturer and teacher in various academic institutions throughout the UAE, including the Higher Colleges of Technology.

The second day of Insight Dubai concluded with an introduction to the culture and history of the UAE through a cultural walking tour of the Bastakia and an abra ride to Heritage Village, where the students enjoyed a traditional Arabic meal together.

Insight Dubai conference is hosted annually by DWC and brings together young women from all over the world to discuss and exchange knowledge on women’s issues.