Al Ain Colleges host Softball Olympic Gold Medalist, Michele Smith

10 years

Students at Al Ain Colleges had the pleasure of meeting Michele Smith, a 2 time Olympic gold medalist (1996 and 2000) with the U.S. National Softball Team. Michele currently is a sports analyst for ESPN.

Michele started her day in Al Ain visiting Al Ain Women’s College. She toured the campus and talked to students and faculty about her professional career and her Olympic experience, highlighting the importance of sport for physical and mental well-being. Michele also conducted a basketball clinic for students and answered many questions.

In the afternoon, Michele visited Al Ain Men’s College and talked about her Olympic softball career and the challenges she confronted and overcame in her pursuit of Olympic Gold.

Michele gave a demonstration of ball handling skills and impressed all participants with the speed and control possible with an underhand softball pitch.

Michele was impressed with the quality of questions she received from the students and went on to say: “I am impressed by the students knowledge of softball and baseball”.