Inconet-GCC inaugural meeting highlights importance of regional research partnerships

10 years

A committed and defined focus on research and inter-regional cooperation will lead to a “complete society built on knowledge” in the UAE.

That was the summary by Centre of Excellence for Research & Training (CERT) Group CEO and HCT Vice Chancellor Dr Tayeb Kamali as he launched the inaugural two-day forum of the INCONET-GCC partners at the CERT Technology Park in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

It was an historic meeting of delegates from the 18 participating organizations from European Union member states, the Gulf Cooperation Countries and Yemen.
CERT and Abu Dhabi Men’s College hosted the forum, which Dr Kamali said would “kick off” many more inter-regional projects.

“This forum shows the importance our region and our country place on research and the cooperation needed to have a complete society built on knowledge,” Dr Kamali said.
“Together we can plan and together we can deliver the results we need.”

Dr Kamali said there was a need for the INCONET-GCC members to engage with each other through networks and “build on this important project”. He also stressed the main focus of the INCONET-GCC forum would be to define its research priorities.
“We need to focus on the areas of research that finds new ideas – to define the priorities of the region together as we work with the EU.”

The European Commission’s head of the Specific International Cooperation Activities Unit in the Directorate of International Cooperation, Robert Burmanjer praised CERT and the HCT for organizing the group’s first meeting.

“With so many interested parties in the one room it is a tribute to CERT and HCT for organizing this event and it shows the high level of dynamism of the emirate of Abu Dhabi to have the venue available,” Mr. Burmanjer said.

“There will be a high level of commitment from the partners in this project and everybody will be able to put their priorities on the table for discussion. It will then be up to HCT and Euronconsultants to steer this process forward.”

Mr. Burmanjer said the EC’s priority was to provide funding for building science and technology policies on an inter-regional basis, whereby the INCONET-GCC forum collectively formulated priorities in research through its network of members.
As part of the forum brainstorming sessions were held and delegates looked at inter-regional issues such as ICT, health, climate change opportunities, agriculture and the environment. One of the key results of the two-day forum will be the formulation of a guide line and road map to be used by the INCONET-GCC members during the term of the three-year project.

“One of the first priorities in the first year will be to formulate a collaborative action plan in science and technology and finalize the group’s priorities,” Mr. Burmanjer said.
The INCONET-GCC forum concluded yesterday at the CERT Technology Park, Abu Dhabi.