Illuminate: Inspiring People, Opening Minds

10 years

The Counselling Arabia conference is an annual event designed for but not limited to students and professionals in counselling, career development, human resources, corporate trainers, academic advising, social work and special needs practitioners.
This year’s Counselling Arabia Conference 2010 will take place in Dubai, and expects to bring together hundreds of practitioners from across the UAE, the Gulf Region, and internationally.

The theme of Counselling Arabia 2010 is ‘Illuminate:  Inspiring People, Opening Minds’ and will focus on innovations in the field of counselling and inspiring clients.  Subthemes for this year’s conference will include:

  • Innovations in Counselling: Practice, Program and Training
  • Professional Development
  • Assessment Tools and Techniques for the Gulf Region
  • Program Developments to Meet Changing Labor Market Needs
  • Culturally Appropriate Techniques and Resources to Utilize with Gulf Region Nationals
  • Academic Advising and Student Counselling
  • Nationalization of the work force
  • Well-Being
  • Special Needs and Diverse Populations – Issues and Challenges
  • Counselling across Cultures

Counselling Arabia will take place from 27 29 April 2010 at Dubai Women’s College.