FJW students bring hope and learn on study tour to Mumbai

9 years

A group of students from the Health and Office Technology and Applied Business Technology programs at Fujairah Women’s College (FJW) travelled to Mumbai in early December.  This international field trip involved a variety of activities. Eighteen Emirati students and four international chaperones toured the city for 4 days during the non-instruction period.

The study tour began with a visit to the HOPE Foundation facilities, an American Aid organization, where the group presented a donation of 89,000 Indian Rupees (7,000 AED) which they had raised.  They visited two schools run by this organization, which offer low-cost education to poverty-stricken families in the Mumbai metro area. The tour also included a meeting with the director, and speaking with the school students in English.

The students also visited a Hare Krishna Temple, the Prince of Wales Museum and were given an in-depth tour of Asia’s first Eco-friendly Hotel, or Eco-tel (The Orchid Hotel).  Students learned about the environmental and financial benefits of regular eco-practices of the Eco-tel including proper recycling, compost and water and waste management.

The final leg of the study tour was a visit to the Dharavi Slums. The students learned about the plastic and metal recycling plants there as well as the various other industries that exist.  The primary focus of the tour was the industries, living conditions, schools and health care facilities of the area. 

When the group returned to Fujairah they presented what they had learnt from this trip to the student body and faculty of FJW.