Deepening Nationality at Ras Al Khaimah Men’s College

9 years

Over three days in Week 16 all RKMC Diploma Foundations students participated in classroom seminars on Deepening Nationality. The aim of the activity was for students to reflect on the significance of the contribution made by the founders of the UAE to the development of our modern day UAE federation. The students shared their knowledge of the history of the formation of the United Arab Emirates, especially on how the seven emirates agreed to form the Union. The seminar format in a class environment enabled the students to share their own personal insights. We aim to continue the ‘deepening nationality’ theme in Semester 2 when we investigate the heritage behind the symbols of our nationality.

The Foundations Personal Development program at RKMC uses sport and outdoor activities to foster a sense of belonging, responsibility and commitment to tertiary level study. The Personal Development 0155 programs extends into Semester 2 to include career awareness, sport and the natural navigation project.