AAMC students enthused by Emirates Cement Factory field trip

9 years

On Wednesday 23rd December 2009, Al Ain Men’s College (AAMC) Diploma in Electrical Engineering students visited the Emirates Cement Factory in Al Ain as part of a course requirement for ELEC 3131.

The aim of the visit was to recognise the role of electrical machines in industries and to follow one of the important electrical networks, such as the local cement factory.

On arrival they were introduced to the electrical network of the factory which involved transformers, feeders, motors, and their protection.

Students had a chance to follow the electrical network step-by-step from the primary substation to end loads such as motors and control panels. They also had hands-on experience of the industrial process itself by making the final cement product.

The success of this visit demonstrates AAMC’s commitment to linking classroom activity with industry requirements. The students were extremely enthused and they suggested such visits should be conducted frequently.