Women’s colleges invited to celebrate arts and heritage at RKWC

11 years

Ras Al Khaimah Women’s College invites all HCT women’s colleges to its annual Arts and Heritage Day celebration, Expressions 2009, to be held at the college on Thursday, 5 March from 9am to 4pm.

The program includes the following activities and displays.

Film Festival

  • ‘Bint Mariam’
    Directed by Saeed Salmeen
  • ‘I see the light at the end of the tunnel’
    Directed by Nabeel Al Shehi
  • ‘Baab’ (The Door)
    Directed by Waleed Al Mansoori
  • ‘The Rescue’
    Directed by Saeed Aldhaheri
  • ‘Matraqa Wa Masamir’ (Hammer & Nails) Award Winning Film
    Directed by Hamad Al Awar
  • ‘Mountain Sheik’
    Directed by Nasser Al Yakoubi
  • ‘Mission of Hope’
    Directed by Aisha Mohamed Obaid & Asma Ahmed
  • Al Bahar Yatmy
    Directed by Hamad Abdulla Saghram
  • ‘Hannat Mariam’
    Directed by Mohammed Al-Hammady
  • ‘Mirrors of Silence’  Award Winning Film
    Directed by Nawaf Al Janahi
  • ‘Tenbak’
    Directed by Abdullah Hassan Ahmed
  • ‘Bint Al Nokhitha’
    Directed by Ahmed Hasan & Khalid Al Mahmood

Interviews with film directors, writers and actors in B-21 throughout the day.

Poetry Majlis with special guest judges Mohammed Bin Hamad Al Kaabi and Majed Bin Sultan Al Khatri.

  • Photography Competition
  • Performances and Fashion Shows
  • RKWC Faculty Band
  • Filipino Music
  • RAKESS Hour
  • RKWC Scottish Dancing Group
  • Karate Demonstration
  • Music from the Philippines
  • Japanese Sword Dance
  • Multicultural Fashion Show
  • Wedding Dress Fashion Show and Traditional Abayas Fashion Show
  • Children’s Fashion Show

Arts and Heritage Displays


  • Hospitality Tent
  • Traditional Emirati Wedding Customs
  • Traditional Emirati Games
  • Traditional Songs, Poetry and Dances
  • Arabic Calligraphy
  • Life in the Past: A Model Village
  • Founders of the UAE
  • Fish of the UAE
  • Emirati Weddings: Then and Now
  • Palm Trees
  • Bread Making
  • Greening of the UAE: The ghaf tree
  • The Traditional Emirati Kitchen: A Model
  • Camel Racing: The History
  • Camel Milking
  • Henna and Traditional Make-up
  • Fishing and Farming in RAK
  • Readers’ Theatre with international folk tales
  • International Wedding Customs

Plus many displays by artists and sculptors in Ras Al Khaimah. Don’t miss it!