International Assistive Technology Forum and Exhibition

11 years

The Higher Colleges of Technology’s inaugural International Assistive Technology Forum and Exhibition (IATFE) held at CERT Technology Park, Abu Dhabi, on 4 to 5 March was a resounding success.

The event raised awareness of the various technology solutions available today which help support education for those with physical and mental challenges.

IATFE 2009 highlighted some of the most practical and appropriate technology solutions for people with practically all disabilities. The exhibition displayed assistive devices to educate and rehabilitate persons with disabilities such as vision impairment, speech impairment, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, autism, and motor, cognitive and physical impairments.

Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT) Vice Chancellor Dr Tayeb Kamali said “Assistive Technology provides a gateway to independence for the physically challenged in ways that could not have been imagined in years past.

“The HCT constantly strives to provide the most up to date learning environment for students by leveraging leading edge information and communications technology. I hope this forum and exhibition gives an opportunity for the community to see how we can all work together in ensuring that no child is denied an opportunity for education due to physical challenges.”

Index Technologies from India, Nattiq Technologies from the UAE, The Future Center, Abu Dhabi and the Al Noor Training Center for Children with Special Needs exhibited many assistive devices.

These included  screen keyboards, a mouth/ head stick keyboard, a camera mouse, switches, speech recognition software, word prediction software, picture communication software, educational software, communication devices, wireless FM assistive listening devices, independent living automatic systems, refreshable braille displays, screen magnification, and low vision aids.

In the last two years, the HCT has made many assistive technology devices available for students with various disabilities.