See the World at Al Ain Women’s College Global Village

10 years

The Work Readiness students at Al Ain Women’s College organized a Global Village at the College on 22 December 2008. 

The cultural exhibition featured 26 countries: Canada, USA, Australia, China, UAE, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, KSA, Jordan, Ethiopia, India, Algeria, Morroco, Thailand, Turkey, Italy, France, Greece, UK, Mexico and Korea.

This multinational event included art and cultural activities that reflect the history and traditions of the many different countries on display.  Each exhibit focused on the folklore of each country as well as, traditional dress, food, music, legends and holidays.

Students started working on this project in October, searching the internet and contacting people from the various countries for useful information.  They also visited the Global Village in Dubai to become more acquainted with the culture and traditions.

This day, hosted by the students of the Al Ain Women’s College, was an immense celebration of the multicultural community we live in.

Timothy Smith, Associate Director said the event was “brilliant”!

“The booths were superb, the Work Readiness Students were confident and well-prepared, and the whole event was very well organized,” he said.

“I was especially impressed with the amount of work the students – and teachers – had put into making every aspect of the event looked so professional.  Congratulations on a work well done.”