Celebrating National Day at Al Ain Women’s College

10 years

Al Ain Women’s College Diploma Year 1 students presented the National Day Festival on 27 November, reflecting the UAE both in the past and the present.

The seven emirates took centre stage in student projects in the form of displays and movies throughout the college.  The ruling families, tourism, famous monuments and future plans were the highlight.

The Heritage Village was busy with many traditional activities such as traditional games, food, pottery, henna design, herbal medicine, and more.  A traditional wedding and yola dancing kept the students and staff entertained throughout the afternoon. Homemade women’s accessories and perfumes were also exhibited by talented students.

Poetry reading, quizzes and a play performed by members of the Student Council Association was followed. The play encouraged young people to preserve the culture and the values of the UAE.

Student Nouf Mohammed Al Sharif said National Day was a great day for the UAE.

“I am an Emirati and I am proud to be an Emirati,” she said. “If it was not for this day, the seven emirates would not have been one and we wouldn’t have a reason to celebrate.  This is a great day for our country.”