DMC Ramadan Sports Festival

12 years

At the end of September this year, Dubai Men’s College held its annual Ramadan Sports Festival in which 200 college students took part.

The participants were divided into ten teams with each team participating in all the events (i.e. both group and individual matches) in order to be eligible for the first prize.

The competition included a wide range of games and activities including football, athletics, volleyball, street basketball and billiards, as well as table football, table tennis and Sony Playstation. For the first time, students were also able to take part in tennis and hand-wrestling matches.

There was stiff competition for first place right up to the last day of the festival, when the business administration team managed to beat all its rivals in table football, billiards and basketball, whilst the engineering department team won the tennis and Playstation competitions.

In the final football match, the electronics team secured first place by beating the engineering team 5-0.

The overall winner of the festival was the business administration department, followed by the engineering department team. The electronics departmental team settled for third place.

The festival, which the DMC sports activities department organised for the third year running, was sponsored by Axiom Telecom.