Foundation Health students turn out for charity drive

10 years

The Health Sciences Division at Sharjah Women’s College held a successful Activity and Charity Day on the campus on Christmas Day, with proceeds going towards helping handicapped children in the UAE.

An assortment of goods ranging from cosmetics to chocolates and cakes was auctioned; food stalls catered to the hungry and health exhibitions were displayed in the lecture rooms and laboratories.

Students also had an opportunity to show what they had learned during the year and performed blood pressure tests, blood grouping and they also tested blood sugar levels.

It was an opportunity for the Foundation students to put into practice what they have learned. This was the first time that a Health Foundations unit was involved in the department’s Activity and Charity Day and by all accounts it all went off smoothly.

Foundations Health student Sarra Abdulla was excited by the prospect of assisting in the Health Awareness both where the basic tests was done.

“Many students who have never cared about health or health issues now have a better understanding and maybe we hope that they will focus on their health,” Sarra said.

The events focused on two areas around the health faculty buildings and a series of lectures in the main auditorium.

Guest speakers included Major Yousuf Juma of Dubai Police who spoke about safe driving and Dr Noura al Suwaidi from the Ministry of health who spoke about pre-marital screening and counseling.

Asma Ghanim introduced the students to a yoga session and was followed by a talk on thalasemia in the UAE by Dr Mohammad Naveed from the UAE Genetics Diseases Association.